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Music Makers

Ages: Newborn – 5 Years + Parent/Guardian
Price: FREE
When: Saturday’s 9:30-10am
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the heartwarming ambiance of the baby MUSIC MAKERS class, an enchanting symphony of laughter and curiosity fills the air on a Saturday morning. Tiny hands reach out to explore a world of instruments, each touch igniting a sense of wonder and discovery. Soft melodies crafted to captivate young minds resonate through the room, fostering a sense of rhythm and harmony through repetition from an early age. Parents and caregivers share in the joyous experience, engaging in cheerful interactions with their precious bundles of joy. Guided by a nurturing music instructor, the class becomes a playground for sensory exploration, where the gentle strumming of a ukulele or the delicate tinkling of a tambourine elicit gleeful giggles and sparkling eyes. Through this melodic journey, bonds are deepened, and a foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music is laid, ensuring that these young souls embark on a lifetime path of creativity and expression.

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Toddler Rockers

Ages: 18 months – 3 years + Parent/Guardian
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Thursday 9:30 – 10:15am
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the vibrant world of the TODDLER ROCKERS class, a delightful cacophony of laughter and exuberance fills the air. Little feet patter with boundless energy, keeping time with the infectious rhythm of tambourines and drums. Colourful scarves swirl through the hands of tiny dancers, painting the room with a sense of movement and joy. The room becomes a canvas for imaginative exploration as toddlers clap, stomp, and sway to melodies specially designed to engage their blossoming senses. Patient and nurturing instructors guide their musical journey, encouraging each toddler to experiment with a variety of instruments and sounds. Amidst the melodic play, friendships are formed and confidence soars, as these young adventurers learn to express themselves through music, fostering creativity and cognitive development in a harmonious and enchanting environment.

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Kindy Rockers

Ages: 3 years – 5 years
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Thursday 10:30 – 11:15am
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the enchanting realm of the KINDY ROCKER class, a chorus of eager voices and boundless enthusiasm creates an atmosphere of delightful exploration. As nimble fingers pluck at strings and delicate keys, a symphony of childlike wonder unfolds. These young maestros embark on a musical adventure, learning to distinguish between high and low notes, fast and slow rhythms, and the joy of making harmonious melodies together. Guided by patient and skilled instructors, the class becomes a playground for budding creativity, where xylophones, maracas, and small drums invite playful experimentation. Through games that involve movement and song, these curious minds learn about pitch, tempo, and the magic of musical storytelling. Amidst laughter and shared accomplishments, a foundation for a lifelong love of music is gently laid, nurturing not only their musical abilities but also fostering a sense of teamwork and self-expression that will resonate throughout their lives.

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Mixed Bag Music

Ages: 4 years +
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Monday 3:30 – 4:15pm & Wednesday 3:30 – 4:15pm
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the kaleidoscopic world of the MUSIC MIXED BAG class, a vibrant medley of instruments transforms learning into a captivating symphony of exploration. Young minds eagerly grasp piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bells, Boomwhackers, drums, tambourines, xylophones, and recorders, their curiosity igniting with each new sound produced. Guided by a skillful instructor, a harmonious tapestry of melodies begins to unfold, where the pluck of a guitar string harmonizes with the delicate chime of bells, and the rhythmic heartbeat of drums accompanies the playful trill of flutes. Through spirited interactions and collaborative play, students learn to appreciate the diverse voices of each instrument, discovering the intricacies of melody, harmony, and rhythm. The primary music class becomes a sanctuary of creative expression, where friendships are forged through shared musical endeavors. Amidst laughter and applause, these young musicians learn the art of cooperation, finding their unique place in the ensemble while collectively weaving a vibrant mosaic of sound that resonates with the joy of discovery and the magic of making music together.

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Beginner Guitar Group

Ages: 7 years +
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Tuesday 4:30 – 5:15 & Friday 4:30 – 5:15pm
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the captivating realm of the BEGINNER GUITAR GROUP, the strum of strings and the resonance of chords weave a tapestry of musical exploration. Novice fingers, guided by patient expertise, navigate the frets and pluck at the heart of melodies, each note a stepping stone toward mastery. With the gentle guidance of skilled instructors, students learn to decode the language of music, deciphering scales, rhythms, and harmonies that breathe life into their playing. The class becomes a haven of camaraderie and inspiration, where aspiring guitarists share their progress, exchange insights, and jam together, their individual melodies intertwining into a harmonious symphony of growth. From acoustic ballads to basic riffs, the guitar class becomes a sanctuary for creativity, self-expression, and the timeless magic of crafting soul-stirring melodies that resonate far beyond the strings themselves.

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Beginner Ukulele Group

Ages: 5 years +
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Tuesday 3:30 – 4:15 & Friday 3:30 – 4:15pm
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

Within the enchanting ambiance of the BEGINNER UKULELE GROUP, the gentle strumming of strings and the lilting melodies conjure an atmosphere of cheerful camaraderie. As beginners cradle their ukuleles, their fingers dance across the frets, unlocking a world of musical possibilities under the patient guidance of skilled instructors. The ukulele's mellow tones and compact size make it an approachable companion, inviting both young and old to embark on a musical journey of discovery. With every chord progression and rhythmic pattern, students uncover the secrets of harmony and rhythm, and as they sing along, the class transforms into a harmonious choir of joyful voices. Amidst shared laughter and encouraging applause, the ukulele class becomes a haven where melodies are woven, friendships are forged, and the joy of music-making unites hearts in an unforgettable symphony of creativity and community.

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Beginner Keyboard Group

Ages: 4 years +
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Monday 4:30 – 5:15pm & Wednesday 4:30 – 5:15pm
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the captivating realm of the BEGINNER KEYBOARD GROUP, the dance of fingers across ivory keys creates a melodic tapestry of exploration and expression. As aspiring pianists take their seats, their instructor's patient guidance unravels the intricate language of music notation and technique. With each progressive lesson, scales and arpeggios become stepping stones, leading to the mastery of complex compositions that once seemed distant dreams. The keyboard piano lesson is a dynamic blend of discipline and creativity, where students learn to synchronize their hands and minds, unlocking the instrument's vast potential. Through diligent practice and attentive instruction, the piano transforms into a storyteller, conveying emotions from joy to melancholy with every nuanced touch. As chords resonate and melodies unfurl, the classroom becomes a sanctuary of growth, where the journey from novice to virtuoso is nurtured, and the timeless allure of piano music becomes a lifelong companion on the path of artistic fulfillment.

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Bucket Drums Group

Ages: 5 years +
Price: $30 / session, Term Commitment
When: Thursday 3:30 – 4:15pm
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the rhythmic haven of the BUCKET DRUMMING GROUP, an ensemble of eager participants transforms ordinary containers into a vibrant orchestra of percussive delight. Guided by an enthusiastic instructor, hands clutching drumsticks create a symphony of beats, turning the humble buckets into resonating drums. With each skillful strike, students explore the diverse sounds and rhythms that can be coaxed from these unconventional instruments, discovering the language of syncopation and groove. The bucket drumming class is a fusion of discipline and creativity, where participants not only learn the art of rhythm but also how to collaborate within a lively ensemble. Amidst the spirited cacophony, camaraderie blooms as students build connections through shared music-making, channelling their energies into harmonious arrangements that captivate both ear and heart. As the class progresses, the bucket drummers not only refine their techniques but also gain a profound appreciation for the power of unity and the endless possibilities of sound, turning an ordinary class into an extraordinary symphonic adventure.

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Songwriter Circle

Ages: 12 years - Adult
Price: $30 per Monthly Session
When: First Sunday of the month
Where: Buzz Music Group Lesson Room

In the inspiring realm of the monthly SONGWRITERS CIRCLE, a tapestry of emotions and narratives unfolds through the art of lyrical and melodic creation. Aspiring songsmiths gather with notebooks and instruments in hand, their imaginations ignited by the prospect of translating personal experiences into harmonious tales. Guided by a seasoned mentor, they delve into the elements of song structure, exploring the interplay of verses, choruses, and bridges that shape their stories. The class becomes a sanctuary for self-expression, where individual voices are nurtured and amplified, and the power of words is harnessed to convey feelings both raw and nuanced. Collaborative sessions encourage the exchange of ideas, harmonizing diverse perspectives into resonant compositions. As melodies unfurl and verses take shape, the SONGWRITERS CIRCLE transforms into a dynamic forum of creativity and growth, illuminating the transformative potential of music as it shapes, reflects, and transcends the human experience.

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Private Music Lessons

Ages: 3 years – Adult
Price: $45 – 30 minute lesson; $60 – 45 minute lesson; $80 – 60 minute lesson.
When: 7 days a week, by appointment. Subject to availability.
Where: Buzz Music School or Virtually via Skype/Zoom if arranged.

Private music lessons offer a personalized and immersive journey into the realm of musical expression. In these one-on-one sessions, a dedicated and experienced instructor tailors each lesson to the unique aspirations and abilities of the student, fostering a deep and focused learning environment. Whether just beginning, honing your skills on an instrument, refining vocal techniques, or delving into composition, private music lessons provide an intimate space where the student's strengths and challenges are addressed with precision and care. The instructor's undivided attention allows for immediate feedback, rapid progress, and the cultivation of a strong foundation. As melodies are shaped, techniques refined, and musical horizons expanded, the bond between teacher and student deepens, resulting in a dynamic partnership that unlocks the full potential of musical expression and fuels a lifelong passion for creating and appreciating music.

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Leanne has been coordinating the Buzz Music School since it commenced operation in 2016, and has been teaching voice since 2004. She has completed a Bachelor of Music majoring in Contemporary Voice. She has been performing in various rock/pop bands for the past 15 years.

Leanne teaches voice and guitar, as well as some of the social groups we offer at the Buzz Music School.

When not organising your lessons, Leanne is the front woman for Whiskey - a 3 piece original rock act.



Andy Mack is a Guitar Teacher, Photographer, Photo Editor, Wedding DJ and MC, and Sound Engineer who originally hails from Melbourne.

Andy has a Diploma of Music, a Diploma of Sound Engineering, and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media Design).

Helping beginners to advanced guitarists with acoustic and electric repertoire, Andy has earned a reputation as one of Cairns' premier guitar teachers over the past 14 years. He has also published 'The Reference Book - the world's finest book of chords, scales and arpeggios for guitar', which still sells copies across the world.

Andy's teaching style is relaxed and flexible. He is more than willing to help you with whatever you want to learn!

Piano Teacher Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our new piano teacher!


Naoki was born in a suburb of Tokyo (Matsudo,Chiba) and moved to sunny Cairns 11 years ago.  He has been playing drums for over 25 years and in that time he has played styles including Jazz, R&B, Latin, Rock, Metal, Reggae and Electronica.Besides playing for many local Cairns and Japanese bands, he also enjoys teaching drumming and being a session drummer.

Some of his favourite bands include Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Sting/Police, Santana, and Tool.Naoki offers lessons from beginner level to advanced master class.  If you are looking to either start from basic rudiments; advance your timekeeping; improve your 4-way coordination, perfect your double bass drumming, learn odd time signatures or refine your solo drumming, Naoki is your man!


Eloise has been playing violin since she was seven years. Since 2016 Eloise has been teaching music theory and violin in various styles including: Classical, Tango and Pop music. Eloise completed her Grade 8 AMEB violin studies in 2019. Eloise plays violin in Cairns High School’s award winning symphony orchestra and chamber strings ensemble.

With a deep passion for teaching music, Eloise can assist beginner to intermediate violin students in developing their technique, music theory, and performance skills in many styles of music. She teaches in a happy and relaxed learning environment that is catered to all student’s needs and abilities.


Amanda has been teaching piano and music theory for over 10 years and joins the Buzz Music school in 2019 with an amazing recommendation and accolades including her Grade 8 Piano certificate (merit) from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examination (2010); an Advanced Professional Diploma in Music Performance (piano) (2015); and a Professional Diploma in Music History and Theory (2013) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

She has participated in various performances of previous piano schools in Hong Kong and looks forward to performing in Cairns during this year. She enjoys teaching students of all different personalities and nationalities and especially enjoys discovering her student’s individual strengths to design a lesson plan specifically for them. Amanda can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Sandy’s Marland’s first public performance was made in Sydney Australia at the age of nine years. By the age of 18, Sandy was gigging regularly whilst she completed a Diploma in Dramatic Arts from Sydney Acting School. Her gig highlights include the Cairns International Jazz Festival, Jazz under the Stars, support gigs for the Australian legends INXS.

Sandy has also worked in Duo and Cabaret acts in Jakarta, Japan, Middle East and London where she performed with the Mike Smith Orchestra. Sandy has a deep passion for helping people discover their voice. Sandy also works as a coach and councillor where she implements vocal workshops in therapeutic settings, and is an accredited drumbeat facilitator.


Kyle Rohan is a guitar and bass teacher who has a Certificate III and IV in music and is currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Musical Studies Major) at CQU. He began playing clarinet and trumpet at the age of 9 before picking up the guitar and bass in his late teens.

Kyle has been performing live in local alternative outfits for the past 6 years, adopting the bass for bands such as Salacious (Progressive Metal), Odius (Thrash Metal) and  guitar in his current band; Forest (Progressive Rock/Alternative).

Kyle can assist both beginner and intermediate guitarists and bassists in developing their songwriting, theoretical knowledge and performance skills in a variety of styles within a relaxed learning environment, with lessons catered to each individual student.