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Earthquaker Devices Gray Channel Dynamic Dirt Doubler

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The Gray Channel is a real “twofer” of an overdrive. It is based around a classic hard-clipping gray box overdrive (subtle hint, huh), one of EarthQuaker Devices' all-time favourites. It is two channels of overdrive that leave the character of the guitar and amp intact. The Gray Channel retains the classic warm overdrive sound and expands upon it with several clipping options and bigger bass response. Each Gray Channel is built one at a time, part by gorgeous part at a former automotive paint factory by a bunch of smokestacks on a dead end street in Akron, Ohio. This device is true bypass and uses relay based “soft touch” switching. Audio will not pass without power.



Green Channel Controls

1. Gain: Adjusts the drive. Dirtier clockwise, cleaner counterclockwise.

2. Green: Sets the output level when the green LED is lit.

3. Toggle: Si- Silicon clipping, N- No clipping, Ge- Germanium Clipping

Red Channel Controls

4. Gain: Adjusts the drive. Dirtier clockwise, cleaner counterclockwise.

5. Red: Sets the output level when the red LED is lit.

6. Toggle: LED- LED clipping, N- No clipping, FET- Mosfet Clipping


7. Channel Switch: Selects between Red and Green channels.

8. Activate Switch: Turns the effect on and off.

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