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Roland GR-D V-Distortion

by Roland
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With the all-new V-Guitar pedals, guitarists can now enjoy the immense benefits of Roland’s GK processing—the powerful technology behind the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System—right on their pedalboards. The GR-D V-Guitar Distortion offers unique distortion and synth tones produced by independently processing each guitar string, giving the modern player an array of fresh, bold sounds for their sonic arsenal. Housed in the popular Twin Pedal format and equipped with connections for easy integration with amps, stomps, multi-effects, and other V-Guitar devices, the GR-D delivers wide, heavy, high-clarity tones that can only be achieved with GK processing.

Roland’s powerful V-Guitar technology in a Twin Pedal stompbox
Bold, high-clarity distortion and synth tones only possible with GK processing
VG-DIST 1, VG-DIST 2, POLY DIST, and SYNTH sounds, with real-time DSP for latency-free performance
Sculpt your tones with ultra-responsive GAIN, COLOR, and TONE knobs
Solo function provides an instant volume and presence boost for lead playing
13-pin GK input; designed for use with the GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster, GK-3 Divided Pickup, and all GK-equipped guitars
Flexible connections for easy integration with amps, pedals, and multi-effects
Four user memories, with remote selection from GK-equipped guitar

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