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Boss NEXTONE-Artist Guitar Amplifier

by Boss
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Four Power Stages, Unlimited Expression

Combining classic tube sound and feel with next-generation tonal diversity, the BOSS Nextone series presents an exciting new concept in professional guitar amplification. Distinctive channel voicings deliver a wide range of inspiring tones, while four selectable Class AB analog power amp types provide instant access to the unique characteristics of 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34 output tube sections.

Backed by Boss' advanced Tube Logic approach, each power amp type re-voices the entire circuit from input to output, putting the complete sonic experience of these signature power stages in one amp for the very first time.

Want to dive deeper with even more sound customization? Just connect to the Nextone Editor and become a virtualtech, fine-tuning bias, sag, EQ, and other internal settingsto perfectly matchyour individual styleand touch.Nextone also includes convenient modernfeaturesfor stage playing,such asbuilt-ineffects, a line out for mic-free direct tone,and a power control forexpressive cranked-ampsoundat manageablevolumes. And thanks to Tube Logic, you get to enjoy all the great sound and response of your favorite tube designs without the backbreaking weight and on going maintenance hassles.

  • Professional performance amplifier with authentic Tube Logictone
  • Four analog Class ABpower amp circuits, selectable from the panel: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
  • Portable combo design with 80 watts of powerand custom 12-inch speaker 
  • Clean and lead channels, with standard and custom mode options
  • Dynamically responsive power control for cranked-up sound and response at reduced volumes
  • Nextone Editor (Mac/Windows) for customizing internal ampparameters, including tone stack type, EQ,sag, bias,effects,system settings, and much more
  • Boost and Tone switches for adding crunchand sparkle
  • Built-in delay, tremolo, and reverb effects, plus loop for patching in external effects
  • External speaker jacks: one 8 ohm and two 16 ohm•Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel mic’d cab settings selectable from the Nextone Editor
  • Support for direct recording and re-amping via USB

Next-Generation Guitar Amplification with Tube Logic

Widely acclaimed by guitarists everywhere, the Tube Logicdesign approach delivers real-dealsound, feel, and responseby reproducingthecomplex interactive behaviors of tube amps in every way. This comprehensive process also brings valuableadvantages for today’s players, including greater reliability, reduced weight, and maintenance-free operation. Tube Logicevolveseven further with the Nextone series, unlocking access todeep tone customization featuresthat are impractical or impossible with traditional tube designs. ANextone amp putsthe true response characteristics of the most famousampdesignsat your fingertips, allowing you to tweak your sound with unmatched precision.

Instant Power Amp Re-Voicing

In a tube-based guitaramplifier, the preamp is important for basic tone shaping, but it’s the power amp design that really defines theoverall sonic signatureand playing feel. Most amps use a specific output tube type, while a rare fewallow you to swap out different power tubes. Unfortunately,this process usually requires physical tube replacementandbench time with a tech,making itexpensive and inconvenient.For the most part,you really needed to buy multiple amps to access the unique tonal characteristicsof different output tube sections...until now.Nextone changes all thiswiththe abilityto instantly re-voice its analog Class ABpower amp section with one of the four classic designs.American sounds are represented with 6V6 and 6L6 output tube types, while British sounds are represented with EL84 and EL34 types. Unlike modeling amps, which simply feed pre-cooked amp models through a non-reactive amplifier, selecting a power amp type on the Nextone physically changes the complete output circuitry, as well as the way the preamp and speaker interacts with it. This makes the entire amp perform authentically at each setting, providing realism that’s only possible with the advanced Tube Logic approach.

Nextone Power Amp Types

  • 6V6—Found at the heart of manylegendary low-wattage American amps, the 6V6 output tube is known for its distinctively sweet, crisp tone and organic compression.
  • 6L6—Used in classic American stage amps and somemodern high-gain designs, the 6L6 output tube delivers high-headroom punch with a round and full midrange character.
  • EL84—Famous as the power tube in British combo amps introduced in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, the EL84 produces glassy,clean chime at lower volumes and rich, creamy distortion when cranked.
  • EL34—The power tube found in the iconic British stack amps, the EL34 is loved for its warm, fat tone and unmistakable rock crunch.

Cranked Sound and Feel at Lower Volumes

With any tube amp, you really need to push its output tubes to get it to sing at its best. Unfortunately, this means turning up the volume, which is nearly always frowned upon by sound engineers, bandmates, and neighbors. Driven byTube Logic, Nextonedelivers the complex distortion characteristics of output tubes and their interaction with the output transformer and speaker, providingthat rich, dynamically responsive sound we love. And with Nextone’s adjustable power control, you can always experience this cranked-amp tone while matching the volume to any situation, be it home, studio, or stage.

Be Your Own Amp Tech and Customize Tones for Your Style and Touch

Nextone features a dual-channel design with clean and lead channels plus a shared three-band tone stack and presence control. Boost and Tone switches are on hand as well,allowing you to add some extra gain and sparkle if needed. With a quick button press, you can switch the amp into custom mode,whichprovides factory-tweaked variations of the standard clean and lead channels. Better still, the custom mode channelscan be fine-tunedto your liking with the Nextone Editor software. Via a friendlyinterface, the Nextone Editor gives you deep editingtools to refine the sound to perfectly match your personal style and favorite pedals. Set a channel’s tone stack to American or British types, shape the overall tone with a powerful channel EQ, and even tweak the playing response by adjusting bias, sag, and more. TheTone switch canbe assignedto twodifferent types, and the Boost switch can be set for different charactersor even be assigned as acompressor.A system-wide EQ is available too, enabling you to definethe tonal balance of the entire amp. And with99 different user setups available, you’re able to customize Nextone’s sound for every gig you play.

Onboard Effectsand Switchable Effects Loop

With its built-in delay, reverb, and tremolo effects, Nextone bringseven more versatilityand convenience togigging guitarists. Usingthe Nextone Editor, the delay section in custom mode can be freely assigned to analog, tape, or SDE-3000 delay types or a tremolo effect, while the reverb can be assigned to plate, spring,or hall types.Furthermore, each effect typeoffers a deep set of parameters for dialing in the perfect tone.The amp also includes a loop for integrating your own effects, withseries/parallel operation, loop position, and more selectablevia the Nextone Editor.

Practical Features for Performance and Recording

Connecting with just a single cable, the optional GA-FC foot controller provides a command center for channel selection, Tone, Boost, effects, pedal volume, and more. Ifyou want to travel even lighter, up to three FS-series footswitches can be used to control various functions. There’s also aline out for sending a direct signalto a PA, plusa phones/recording output for silent practice and tracking sessions.Using the Nextone Editor, the character of the directsoundcan be set to one of three Air Feel settings for a range of mic’d cab tones. External speaker jacks are included too, with support for connecting up to two 16-ohm4x12 cabs for even biggertones. In addition to providing communication with the Nextone Editor, the amp’s USB jack functions as a direct recording interface for your favorite DAW software. Multiplechannelsare supported, allowing you to record both a cab-emulated output and a dry directtone for re-amping later through the Nextone.

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