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Pur Cajon And Bass Drum Microphone


The CBM-1 was developed in cooperation with the microphone specialists of Rumberger Sound Products in Germany. It is especially built for an easy way to pick-up your Cajon with outstanding sound results.
Due to the integrated Active-EQ the CBM-1 is already pre-set to produce a well-balanced natural Cajon or bass drum sound. Plug and Play! The connection cable can be lengthened with any additional microphone cable. The -6db Switcher offers you an alternative Cajon sound and is particularly for the use in a bass drum.


  • Modified Condenser Boundary Layer Microphone with an Active-EQ
  •  Half-Supercadioid
  • -6db Switcher
  • 40 - 16.000 Hz
  • 48 Volt Phantom Power
  • XLR-Male Exit
  • 155g - 75mm x 50mm x 25mm
  • Made in Germany

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