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Pur Cajon Stained Oq (White) With Backpack

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Let`s get comfy! The Stained OQ offers you a convenient way to handle the Snare-System. Simply pull the felt-pellet on the left side of your Stained OQ to switch the snare sound ON and OFF. This gives you an additional alternative while jamming away, switching from a snare-drum-kit-like sound to a Peruano sound (no snare).

Factory aligned Clap-Corners complement your rhythm with additional variety. Furthermore`, the backside creates a surprising conga-bongo-like sound. Another feature of the Stained OQ is the special design, as the body, the backside and the play front are stained in white. 



  • Size: H: 46cm – W: 30,4cm – D: 29,5cm
  • Playfront: Sandwich construction veneered with maple and American nut white stained
  • Backside: Conga-bongo like sound
  • Body: 11 layers of 15mm birch veneered with maple white stained