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Pur Hand Crash Cymbal 12 Inch

SKU PC1149

PUR Hand Crashes are handmade of high-quality B20 bronze. Due to the thin manufacturing and the brushed surface, the Crashes are very flexible and soft and respond very sensitively to the lightest hits. PUR Hand Crashes are available in sizes 12” and 14”. With 2 rivets or without rivets – depending on your personal taste.

  • 12 inch
  • B20 Bronze
  • Made in Turkey

Today, authentic Turkish cymbals trace their heritage back to the original development of Bronze as well as to the artists and craftsmen whose skill and passion created the processes for turning bronze into ne musical instruments. No other cymbals feature this long and distinguished legacy that has become the art and essence of Turkish cymbal making.

While today’s Turkish cymbal masters are committed to honoring the traditions of cymbal making that have supported the evolution of music for hundreds of years, they also remain dedicated to working hand-in-hand with contemporary drummers to create new types of cymbals and cymbal sounds. This unprecedented and unparalleled combination of quality, experience, and innovation means that, together, genuine Turkish cymbals and the drummers who play them continue to make music and history.

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