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Yamaha Stage Custom Euro Pack - Cranberry Red - 22 Inch Kick with Paiste Cymbal Pack & PSTX 18Inch Swiss Crash


Shake the room with the Yamaha Stage Custom - Birch kit.

Stage Custom Birch kit in Euro configuration with hardware pack and cymbals.

All Birch Shells

A classic in the realm of high-class drum kits. Its six-ply structure accurately conveys the vibrations produced at the impact surface, achieving performance that overwhelms anything in its class.

Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System - YESS

  • Provides minimum contact of hardware with shell
  • Connects that hardware at the nodal point of the drum - the point at which it will not interfere with shell vibration.
  • Nylon bushings on rod clamps afford maximum stability.
  • The YESS system permits toms to be placed close together, and does not interfere with quick head changes.

Includes 22”x17” bass drum, 10”x7” and 12”x8” mounted toms, a 16”x15” floor tom, matching 14”x5.5” snare drum, HW780 hardware set with an additional CS755 cymbal stand, a set of Paiste PST5 cymbals (14" hi-hats, 16" crash and 20" ride) and a pair of Vater Los Angeles 5A drum sticks.

Includes BONUS Paiste PSTX 18" thin crash.

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