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Kindy Rockers

Welcome to Buzz Music School, where young hearts and minds embark on a musical adventure with our Kindy Rocker Program! Tailored for children ages 3 to 5, this program is a spirited introduction to the world of music, fostering creativity, imagination, and a lifelong love for melodies.

🎸 Kindy Rocker Program: Unleash the Musical Magic
At Buzz Music School, we understand that the early years are crucial for shaping a child's love for music. Our Kindy Rocker Program is specifically designed for curious minds aged 3 to 5, offering a dynamic blend of educational exploration and musical fun.

🎵 Creative Musical Play for Young Explorers
Watch as your little one's imagination takes flight through our engaging musical activities! From singing and dancing to experimenting with various instruments, our Kindy Rocker Program encourages self-expression, social interaction, and the development of fundamental musical skills in a playful setting.

🌟 Experienced Instructors Guiding Little Rock Stars
Led by our team of experienced instructors, the Kindy Rocker Program is a nurturing environment where young musicians can thrive. Our instructors bring expertise and passion to every session, creating a space where your child can feel confident, inspired, and excited to explore the world of music.

🎈 Enroll in the Kindy Rocker Program
Unlock your child's musical potential with our Kindy Rocker Program. While this program is not free, the investment in your child's early musical education is an investment in their future creativity and cognitive development.

🎶 Start the Musical Journey Today!
Ready to witness your child's musical journey unfold? Enroll them in the Kindy Rocker Program at Buzz Music School. Contact us to secure a spot, and let the melodies and rhythms ignite the joy of learning in your little one. Because at Buzz Music School, we believe that every child is born with the potential to be a rock star in their own right!

Kindy Rockers is held during the school term on Thursday's 10:15 - 10:30am. During QLD School Term.

How Much?
This class is FREE. Please RSVP ON FACEBOOK HERE and come along whenever suits!

When are the Lessons?

Kindy Rockers: Thursdays, 10:15am - 10:45am

During QLD School Terms

How Much Are Lessons?

This class is FREE, no need to enrol or RSVP please just come along when you want!

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