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At Buzz Music, we want you to get the absolute most out of your purchases. While most of the items that we sell are considered "plug and play", we do also sell some fairly technical items such as audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and other digital devices.

Some customers can run in to roadblocks when registering/downloading/installing such items, and that's where we can help. With the aid of an internet connection, Chrome web browser and the Google Remote Desktop app, one of our staff can remotely log in to configure your item and make sure that it is working on your computer.

Head to and follow the prompts to "get support". Call us on 07 4031 7078 to arrange a time for one of our staff to help with your tech issues.

Offer is only available to items purchased from Buzz Music. Offer excludes tuition.

Please note that due to the nature of software licensing, we are unable to refund or return items that have been registered to an end user, unless these items are deemed faulty by a nominated warranty assessor, so please ensure you check all technical specifications and requirements prior to purchasing.