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Free Music Playgroup
9:30 - 10am Every Saturday Morning during School Terms
Blue Card Certified Teachers
Purpose Built Facilities

Music Makers

Welcome to Buzz Music School, where we believe that the journey of music begins from the very first heartbeat! Introducing our Free Baby Music Maker program, specially designed for newborns to 3 years old, to nurture a lifelong love for music from the earliest moments.

🍼 Harmony Begins Here: Free Baby Music Maker Program
At Buzz Music School, we recognize the incredible impact of music on a child's development. Our Free Baby Music Maker program is a delightful introduction to the world of melodies and rhythms, tailored for infants and toddlers up to 3 years old.

🎶 Musical Bonding from the Start
Experience the joy of creating musical memories with your little one. Our program is crafted to foster a strong bond between parents and their babies through interactive and engaging musical activities. From soothing lullabies to playful tunes, each session is a delightful exploration of sound and connection.

🎈 Interactive Musical Play for Tiny Tots
Watch as your baby's eyes light up with each musical note! Our program incorporates age-appropriate activities that stimulate sensory development, motor skills, and early cognitive abilities. Through rhythmic play and gentle melodies, we aim to create a musical environment that sparks curiosity and joy in your little one.

🌈 Free and Accessible for All Families
At Buzz Music School, we believe that every child deserves the gift of music. That's why our Free Baby Music Maker program is open to all families, providing a welcoming space for parents and caregivers to share the magic of music with their little ones without any cost.

🎵 Join the Buzz Music School Family
Embrace the musical journey with your baby at Buzz Music School. Our Free Baby Music Maker program is more than just a class; it's a celebration of the precious moments you share with your little one. Enroll today and let the melodies of our program become the soundtrack to your baby's earliest memories.

👶 Start Your Musical Adventure Now!
Ready to embark on a harmonious journey with your baby? Join Buzz Music School for our Free Baby Music Maker program. Contact us to enroll, and let the musical magic begin. Because at Buzz Music School, every heartbeat is a beat worth celebrating!

Music Makers is held during the school term on SATURDAY's 9:30 - 10am

How Much?
This class is FREE. No need to RSVP or enrol, please come along whenever suits!

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