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Free Professional Assessments for Musical Instruments

In the aftermath of the recent flood and cyclone events, we understand the impact it has had on the musical community. Many instruments may have been exposed to harsh conditions, and it's crucial to assess their current state for compliance in insurance claims, ensuring a smooth process for instrument owners.

Our Free Service

We are offering complimentary professional evaluations on the condition of musical instruments affected by the natural disaster. Our team of experienced technicians is here to assess the damage and provide you with a detailed report on the current state of your instruments, which can be valuable documentation for insurance claims.


What We Assess

  • Structural Integrity: We will examine the physical condition of your instrument, checking for any cracks, warping, or other structural issues that may have occurred due to exposure to water or extreme weather conditions.
  • Playability: Our technicians will assess the playability of your instrument, including checking the condition of strings, frets, keys, and other components that directly impact the instrument's performance.
  • Wood and Finish: We will inspect the wood and finish of your instrument to identify any swelling, discoloration, or damage that may have occurred as a result of exposure to moisture.

    How to receive an Assessment:

    1. Email us: Please send an email with the Manufacturer, Model, Year and any other relevant information to the store, along with photos of the suspected damage.

    2. Drop-off for Assessment: You can choose to drop off your instrument at our shop.

    3. Detailed Report: After the assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance—essential documentation for insurance claims.

    Contact Us

    We are committed to supporting the musical community during this challenging time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation, please reach out to us at or 07 4031 7078.

    Thank you for trusting us with your musical instruments. Together, we can work towards restoring the joy of music in the wake of this natural disaster and facilitating the insurance claims process.

    What We Can't Assess

    Please note that we are unable to assess any electrical components of your instruments. For electronic assessments, we recommend reaching out to Frank Margiotta Pro Audio and Visual, who specialize in evaluating and repairing electronic components of musical instruments.