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Yamaha NP-15 61- Key Piaggero Piano-Style Portable Keyboard


Ideal for beginners, the Yamaha NP-15 Portable Keyboard offers 61 keys in a light, compact design. It has just the functions you need for playing pop tunes or simple classical pieces, with a lighter feel than a conventional piano for easier playing. You can also practice with headphones for greater discretion. The slim design fits well in small spaces and can be transported anywhere with ease.

A light, portable piano-style keyboard with just the functions you need

The 61-key keyboard (a conventional piano has 88 keys) is perfect for playing pop tunes or simple classical pieces. Although the keys have the same box shape as those on a piano, the keyboard has a lighter feel that makes it easy for beginning pianists to start, rather than the weightier feel of a standard piano keyboard. You can also use headphones with the NP-15 if you are worried about disturbing those around you with your playing.

We recommend this model to:

- People with a casual desire to learn the piano

- People with little space in their home (1052 mm x 260 mm x 104 mm) (41-7/16” x 10-1/4” x 4-1/8”)

- People worried about lacking strength in their fingers

- People who don't want those around them to hear their playing

- People who want a MIDI keyboard to enter data


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