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Yamaha Yfl212 Student Flute Split E Mechanism


Introducing the new Student YFL200 Series flutes.

Featuring the same high-grade design and craftsmanship as the 300 and 400 series models, 200 Series Flutes are made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver-plate finish. They are characterized by excellent response and intonation.


The YFL features a Split E mechanism. 

The split E mechanism is designed to make the high E more responsive. This mechanism physically splits the double G keys. When playing G, the keys behave as normal, closing both of the G keys. 

When fingering high E, the mechanism closes the lower of the two G keys. This creates ideal venting for this note and therefore makes this usually troublesome note very stable. The high E speaks easier, and slurs from high A to E are much easier. The split E mechanism is only available with offset G keys.


Level Standard
Key C
Body Style Type-2
Body Material Nickel silver
Headjoint CY cut; Nickel silver
Key Material Nickel silver
Footjoint C
Plating Silver
Tone Holes Drawn
Key System Offset G
Key Types Pointed key arms
Key Mechanism Split E Mechanism
Spring Type Stainless Steel
Screw Type Straight; Headed pivot
Bumper type Neoprene
Availability: Translation missing: en.general.icons.icon_check_circle icon Available to Backorder

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